Episode 135: Reverse Flash Origin Speculation

I’m a big fan of Flash and the CW show is awesomesauce and a half.They’ve been doing some good things, especially with putting Reverse Flash as a key antagonist even in the origin story of the scarlet speedster. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this villain and tonight’s episode might ruin my current theory so I might as well post my thoughts on it now rather than later. Craziness based entirely on my own imagination follows, consider yourselves warned.

According to future newspaper, Barry/Flash disappears in around ten years. In that time he becomes a great hero but he still has a few enemies and people who don’t like him. In my version, and again I emphasize that this is my crazy imagination/speculative superpower that has come up with this plotline, big things are going to happen. Prior to the to the future disappearance, something happens to Eddie, Iris blames Flash for not saving him, he confesses that he is indeed the speedster she once loved but the revelation just separates them even further. At this point, she’s pregnant with Eddie’s child and definitely wants to stay away from all the danger so she leaves the city.

Ultimately, she returns years later with her son Wally West, who at a young age starts to develop speedster powers. Iris knows that these powers are a curse and shuns him like an X Men foster kid. (As for why he was powers, I’m guessing Barry saved the kid or Iris while she was pregnant during a huge electrical storm, lightning passed through him and thus into Wally, replicating the connection to the Speed Force). Flash disappears into the future/past/alternate dimension which leaves the city without a hero and even more metahumans popping in and out. The little boy who has heard the heroic clamors of the Flash echo even as his mother disparages that which makes him different, decides to take up the mantle and the city rejoices as this new Kid Flash has come to be a new savior. However, His connection to the speed force is minimal, sure he’s fast but nowhere near Scarlet Speedster levels. He can barely slow down all the bad guys who keep popping up (think future Trunks vs the Androids before all the time travel). Wally is forced to grow up too fast and has too much responsibility thrust upon him without any of the praises that would make it all worth it. The one person who knows his secret, his own mother basically says “I told you so” to any complaints or cries for help. Years, go by and he gets better, way better but he ca’t shake off the “Kid Flash” moniker. He grows to despise his heroic heritage, his responsibilities, and the city itself.

In the process, he learns what happened to The Flash and decides to replicate the event to bring him back so he can finally retire and give the care of the city back to him. However, the same thing happens and he gets lost in the speed force. Luckily, he had a device that could bring him back but it malfunctions. He pops in different times Quantum Leap style, each time trying to return to the speed force. His healing factor doesn’t let him age so he is effectively trapped for years as he slowly loses his mind. Wally eventually pops up in the distant future, where Flash is still the great hero and he has been forgotten. His psyche finally snaps and he thus becomes the Reverse Flash, wishing to not only undo the original’s legacy, but also his existence. Wally is able to figure out a way to jump into the Speed Force and appear in the past. He goes back to kill Barry’s mom but then zips him out to cast doubt and torture the crap out of him. He pulls an incredible Batman style gambit by threatening to kill his own mom to make sure that his grandfather would come to doubt in the Flash as well and that any kind of help would bring about something terrible. And now he will pop in one more time to tell Flash the one thing he fears most: “You’re too slow” as he shows him what true power really is.