Episode 112: On Bronies and Fandoms

Simultaneously occurring alongside the URI Graduate Conference was the URI Gaming Convention. An all weekend extravaganza of gaming in any and all forms. Previous years have included such gems for me as playing the incredible Dungeon of Fear and its sequel, far too many hours of booth time, epic matches of Tetris Attack, and play testing URI Gaming Con: the board game (of my own invention). There are a handful of special events that take place at the con, some of those mentioned above, but the one that changes every year and makes the con unique is the special guest star. Normally it’s a band some sort of appeal beyond the local scene with maybe the coolest one being the time that Anamanaguchi came by with Peelander Z. Good times. This year we had Uncle Yo, a comedian that works a lot with Gaming based humor and whose ideal/intended fans would be gaming con attendees.

I met the familial stand up comic during initial booth duty and he is a swell dude that complimented me on my Tuxedo Mask cosplay for the day. It’s a shame that other responsibilities kept me from going to his later panel on a history of old school role playing games (though he was kind enough to show me the abridged power point) and a session of Call of Cat’thulhu, a one shot Call of Cthulhu game where you are housecates trying to stop the Ancient Ones from manifesting in this realm of existence. His comedy show was pretty good but I’m sure that had I brought one of my roommates or non-gamer/geeky friends they would not have appreciated his brand of humor. Any show that calls out bronies in the first two minutes and then proceeds to explain why Rarity is a surprisingly good character is fine by my book.

During his show, Uncle Yo in all of his derogatory humor to each kind of fandom repeatedly stated that each fandom should learn to coexist with the others. One of the problems that anyone can find with a group that focuses on inclusion as a point of pride will actively exclude other people by any means necessary. On the large scale we see that with religion during the Crusades. On a smaller scale you find that with gangs on a high point of danger and tweens classifying themselves as Team Jacob or Team Edward on the lower scale. Then again, Uncle Yo also said that it’s easy to make fun of fandoms without ever having actually read/seen what they are passionate about. So I should try and aim for a higher degree of humor. So yeah, groups that really like something should fall under the live and let live category. After all, we don’t want Comic Con to devolve into The Warriors style of all out team centered/costumed brawls (now that’s the kind of jokes I need to go with, also, that does sound kind of cool in an evil kind of way.)

To each his/her own. However if you like something enough, you want your friends to join along. It’s part of human nature and it helps makes sure that your tastes are actually enjoyable to someone beyond just you. Speaking of, here’s Uncle Yo’s website so I can spread the laughs around. http://www.uncleyo.com/


May the sequels never outnumber the fingers on one hand,