My thoughts and musings on different aspects of serial fiction. An exercise in creativity and discipline to document noteworthy aspects of my research into serials of the classic and contemporary variety. Mostly it involves quick posts of whatever I can muster sometime between the end of The Colbert Report and the beginning of Sportscenter. Daily (I hope) postings will range from the comedic, to the academic, to the just weird. Also, rants because creative outlets are apparently good for the conservation of sanity. Enjoy it or hate it, first ammendment prevents me from controlling your opinions, just be sure to return the favor.


One thought on “About

  1. Ray says:


    Would you be interested in reviewing a serial novel about two young people who find themselves involved in an experiment that aims to reverse human aging using psychological means? The story is categorized as sci-fi, but in essence, is a mix of thought experiment and suspense.

    The novel it is structured as a TV show and has been published in episodes on Amazon. As I’m about to release the existing episodes as Season 1, and start publishing subscription-based Season 2, I reaching out to reviewers. Your focus on serial fiction is very interesting for me, since I’ve been experimenting with various forms of serial for a while.


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