Schedule PCSA 2019

The blog is coming back to life. Let’s start off with something familiar. I have worked several years with the Popular Culture Student Association and their academic conference. I am super proud of all the work they have done and the panels look legit awesome. Come check it out. Attendees have a fee of $4 per day but if you get two days the third one is free. Come be a part of our awesomeness. Presenters have a registration fee for $25 which covers the whole weekend’s activities.

Schedule PCSA 2019

Friday April 5, 2019
Meet and Greet (CH 326) 6pm- 7:15pm (Refreshments will be available)
Movies and Discussion (CH 325) 7:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday April 6, 2019
Registration – 7:30am – 8:30am (Chardon Lobby near Anf. Figueroa Chapel)

Section 1 – 8:30am – 9:45am

(Chardon 319) Between Skin, Masks, and Gems: Understanding Identity in the Self and in Society:
– De héroes y villanos: voluntades, traumas y el estatus quo – Alejandro Toledo
– Black Identity in the Entertainment Industry – Gabriela Gonzalez Perez
– “It’s Over Isn’t It?”: Trauma in Steven Universe – Lilybeth Shields Cruz

(Chardon 325) Looking Back at What Was Once There: Redefining the Past in Different Media and Genres
– A Pirate’s Life for Me: One Piece as an exploration of History and Culture – Vashti Tacoronte
– The (In)visible Bodies and Boundaries in Paul Auster’s “Ghost” and Yuri Herrera’s The Transmigration of Bodies – Jacqueline Jiang
– Memories Caught in Pixels: A Look at Nostalgia in Videogames – Illianiz Roman Ortiz

(Chardon 324) Of Fathers, Sons, and Beasts within: The Presence and Absence of Masculinity in Myths, Legends, and Lores:
– Gender and Werewolves: Duality in Quinn Loftis’s Prince of Wolves. – Keyla González Díaz
– Rick Riordan’s Deconstruction of the Masculine Identity in The Lightning Thief. – Michael A. Fortys Delestre
– Dungeons and Dragons as the Absent Father. – Luis Dávila

Section 2 – 10:00am – 12:00pm
(Chardon 326) Official Welcome and Keynote Address
– The Force to Ascend the Throne: Traversing the Journey to Become Your Own Hero– Dr. Nancy Vanessa Vicente

Lunch on your own– 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Section 3 – 2:00pm – 3:15pm

(Chardon 326) Queens, Princesses, and the Thrones in Between: Building a Better Feminism through Fantasy:
– Feminisim in Game of Thrones: Sansa and Daenerys as Persephone’s Literary Daughters – Lorainne Ortiz
– Building a Better Disney Princess: Writing Ethnicity and the Feminist Hero’s Journey – Jenaira Martinez
– A Dance of Queens and “Ladies”: Women’s Representation in Beowulf and Game of Thrones – Kevin Mendez

(Chardon 325) Linguistics – The Art of Slang and Speech:
– “Git güd, casul!”: Neologisms as gatekeeping devices in the Soulsborne community. – Gabriel Mejía and Ramón Valle-Jiménez
– Holy motherforking shirtballs!: The linguistics of swear words in The Good Place. – Anyeliz Pagán Muñoz & Ramón Valle-Jiménez
– Youth Bilingual Communication through Pop Culture Interactions. – Katherine Morales

(Chardon 324) Reflections on Warped Surfaces: The Essence of “Othering” in Pop Culture:
– “Semiotically-Speaking: A Look into the Character-Metaphors of Marvel’s Silver Age of Comics, 1961-1969” – Gabriel A. Rodríguez Martinez
– Othering in Netflix’s Black Mirror. – Michael Baez Arroyo
– Healing Traumas through Horror Female Directors. – Maritza Cardona

Section 4 – 3:30 – 4:45

(Chardon 326) The Bridge between Reality and Desire: What the Fantastic and Supernatural Reveal about Ourselves:
– Return to Reality: Embracing Psychological and Social: Conflicts in Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls. – Edcel Cintrón
Harry Potter: Social and Psychological Influences. – Almaris Rios Cruz
– Existentialism in The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Book of Thel. – Adriana Lebrón

(Chardon 325) What Are You Afraid of? Representations of Crisis in the Mysteries of Life
– La Representación de los Miedos Colectivos en Tiempos de Crisis. – Yasmine Vargas Ramírez
– “Murderous Desires: Social Changes and the Evolution of the Femme Fatale In 20th  Century Detective Stories.”  – Ari Alannah Hernandez

(Chardon 319) An Archipelago Connected through Culture: The Music, Texts, and Experiences of the Caribbean
– “A Literary Connection through Caribbean Beliefs”. – Catilia Romero Ramirez
– P.R. Cuban StudExile and Assimilation: Literary Expressions of the Cuban-American and Puerto Rican Experience in the United States in The Line of the Sun and Dreaming in Cuban. – Paul Lippert Figueroa

Section 5 – 5:00 – 6:15

(Chardon 326) Political Passions through Hate and Revolution: How the World is (Re)Made through Fear and Understanding:
– Popular Culture and White Supremacist Movements: A Case Study in Framing Theory. – Roberto Fernández Morales
– La alegoría de la caverna (del lado oscuro): Star Wars como mito político – Bayram J. Gascot

(Chardon 324) Threading the Needle between Fiction and Reality in the Creative Process
Special Presentation by Dr. Gabriel Romaguera

Sunday, April 7th: 10am- 5pm
Board and video game extravaganza

1pm-2pm Ch 318 The Final Panel
“Redefining contemporary Horror Genre as presented within Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House” – Yarisel Ramirez Martinez

– Between Passion and Introspection: The Duality of Cosplay in Puerto Rico – Roselyn M. Perez Valle