Example for fancy comparison and contrast paper for Prof. G’s class

Hi everyone, my gmail is acting extra weird so I decided to write to you through here. Also, I talk about my weird blog every so often so it’s only fair that you get an actual link to peruse it at your leisure.

You must be thinking how exactly does the upcoming essay work and whether or not you are doing it correctly. Here is a bit of a meta example to help you out. For this particular one I will be using the option of the sequel, in this case it will be for my version of Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last Jedi. The instructions are a bit confusing for it so the best way to think about it as if you were writing the comparison and contrast paper but between the original story and your additional installment. You are not writing the story per se, but rather the connections to it and the original through various themes.

If you go through the links on the left you will find that I wrote a pitch of what Episode 8 would be like in my own mind. You do NOT have to write anything like that. The basic plot lines of your story should more than suffice. Your essay would go back to these points at different intervals to showcase the juxtapositions between the two and what could readers get from that. Additionally, you would use fancy outside sources to better define the central ideas and elements that coincide/collide between both stories. Option 1 essay would look exactly like this but without the creative element. What follows is sketch what the essay I would write under these circumstances would look like.

Force for Good and Evil: Interconnecting Dualities in Star Wars

          The Star Wars  is one of the most acclaimed sequence of films in history. It’s narrative encompasses multiple installments over the last four decades with more “Episodes” still being produced. One of the main elements that these films showcase is a clear cut dichotomy between good and evil as different characters choose to which side of morality to act upon. These decisions and actions are even more explicit when it comes to those who use the Force, i.e. the good Jedi and the evil Sith. While Episode 7: A Force Awakens serves as a passing the torch moment between the original set of protagonists and the new cast, there are still issues regarding the dual sides of the Force. In my version of Episode 8: The Last Jedi, I highlight these distinctions to show a more complex understanding of what it means to be a Jedi and Sith and it means to take that path.

Within the films, The Force is described as a mystical energy that surrounds all living beings [insert fancy definition here]. From a metaphysical aspect, the Force is quite similar to Brahman within Hinduism in that there is a presence of a guiding power, connecting anything and everything [using fancy outside source]. Morality within Star Wars is shown as a specific path leading to one of two extremes, light and dark sides of the Force. However, the Force ends up being used by both Jedi and Sith according to their own whims, rather than as a holy/unholy element that helps individuals follow either path. My version of the film has direct explanations of what the Force is depending on the perspective of those who wield it.

In order to show both sides of the Force, I need to illustrate the two juxtaposing forces of light and dark on how it is passed along to the next proteges. While Luke teaches Rei about the Jedi, Snoke will take Kylo back under his tutelage. By juxtaposing both training methods, we see how each school of thought believes the Force acts within us and how best to use it. In the meantime, I want to provide an older perspective that comes even closer to their experience with the Force and share it with another character. To do so, I will keep Finn in a coma (recuperating from his injuries at the hands of Kylo in Force Awakens) but we see various scenes of him trapped in his own mind. Finn will be visited by different “Force ghosts”, mostly CGI Obi Wan Kenobi, who serve as a guiding factor while explaining how the Force and other mystical aspects of the film work out, This exposition contrasts heavily with the biased foundations of morality expounded by both Jedi and Sith master.


Not gonna write the rest of the essay but I can tell you that each other paragraph would focus on one point that would be contrasted by both stories (original and sequel) with extra outside sources to help keep the explanation flowing. Remember that the central idea is still out there in each paragraph. If I were to continue, I would compare Force dichotomies of morality to those found in other religions/philosophies and use the fancy outside sources accordingly. Odds are that what you have written (or imagined) for either form of your essay don’t look like the above now but in due time it should come close.

Keep writing. Even if it’s word vomit just keep writing. Editing something that exists into something better is far easier than mentally prepping for perfect ideas that ultimately lead to a fraction of the whole thing. One trick I like to use is to write a draft of the essay (even if it means powering through to all the BS). By the end your conclusion will make some amount of sense. Now start a new draft but make your conclusion the intro paragraph, Find the good parts from previous one and keep going. Good luck and stay safe.