3rd Annual Pop Culture Conference Unfortunately Delayed

Dear Presenters and attendees,

We are sorry to report that the upcoming pop culture academic conference (originally scheduled on March 10th-11th) has been delayed until May 5th and 6th. The decision to push the conference back is due to unforeseen circumstances as the main auditorium we use for the conference has been closed due to emergency repairs. We don’t know all the details but the auditorium is closed for the time being. We have searched for alternative venues but were not able to secure one for March 11 as every other activity previously held in the auditorium is now being reshuffled.

We extend our most sincere apologies for the change and hope that you will be able to attend and present on the new conference date of Friday and Saturday May 5th-6th. Panels will occur all day on Saturday (as we have in previous conferences). Our keynote speaker, Dr. Alexis Rodriguez, professor at UPR Rio Piedras, has already stated that he will be presenting on the new date and we hope that you will be able to as well. If you (as a presenter) have already accepted going to the conference then we ask that you reconfirm as early as possible, by sending an email to us at pcsarum@gmail.com. If you were not able to present at the original date but are available to come on May 6th then we haven’t forgotten about you and can still be a part of the proceedings should you still be interested by informing us through the above email.

The inscription fee continues to be $5 for attendees and $10 for presenters. We will be collecting the fee during the registration process the day of the conference. No money will be collected prior to this day (We trust you).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



Gabriel Romaguera

Conference Organizer





One thought on “3rd Annual Pop Culture Conference Unfortunately Delayed

  1. […] you read our last post, you know that the conference has been moved from March 11th to May 6th. The almost two month delay […]

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