Episode 162: Deadline for Conference Extended

We here at the Popular Culture Students Association believe in giving everyone a fair chance to be a part of this year’s iteration of the academic popular culture conference. So rather than rush everyone to submit before the day’s end, we have decided to extend our deadline for abstract submission until Friday, January 29th, 2016 (two weeks from the time of this writing). In case you need a reminder, the original CFP can be found here.

We also have two more announcements to help convince you to be a part of the conference if you haven’t submitted already and if you have submitted well you are going to be extra happy with your academic investment.

First, just like last year this conference is shaping up to make for one of the nerdiest weekends you can find. We are partnering with West-Con Comics and Anime Expo to bring you a special event on Sunday April 3 from 10am-6pm right here at the UPRM campus. Think of it as a regional comic-con with all the geeky stuff you expect. All presenters and guests admission tickets are included with your inscription fee for the conference so might as well stay an extra day and geek out with us. More info on West-Con can be found in their Facebook page here 

Second, we are happy to announce that we have secured our keynote speaker for the conference, Bonafide Rojas. He is poet, musician, and published author who has performed all over Puerto Rico, the continental U.S., and Europe. His style is best exemplified by his motto: learn to live, live to write, write to love, love to learn. You can learn more about him through his website http://bonafiderojas.com/ and you can see one of his performances here as part of the Def Poetry series. We are proud to have him be a part of our conference as we discuss the transformative process between the person and the persona.

You can contact check out his books through http://www.grandconcoursepress.com/

If you wish to contact Bonafide through social media you can do so through his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.



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