Moment[ary] Reverie[s]

Being inspired by moments’ monuments.

The Reverie Notebook


So this week has been an interesting assortment of bits good and bad. This reverie shall be just that. An assortment of this weeks highlights interjected with my thoughts.

First off, we are oppressed. Yes I have been reading Freire and Ive enjoyed the Pedagogy of the Oppressed so far. Mainly because it is about humanizing people and this is achieved through love, kindness, and compassion to others. These things are what truly free us. I have yet to finish the book but I think I’m already a Freirian. Also, now I see oppression everywhere. Its frightening.

Nightly chats with friends. Theres just something about night time, and interesting conversations. The day is running out, about to be gone forever and there are words that must be said before it does. Its lovely. Friends makes everything better.

Office Shenanigans. Yeah, those are fantastic. You’d think we just sit around and…

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