Episode 150: Sneak Peek at the Conference Program

Only a few days to go and things are looking at awesome at all levels. If you are looking for what the events are going to be please check my earlier post here.

Here is our super special awesome flyer/poster/cover for the program and it is geektastic.


And here is the message from the conference chair (i.e. ME!)

There are certain five word dreams that will inevitably be said by any group of friends. “We should start a band.” “We should open a bar.” “We should go bungee jumping.” All of these utterances begin with a “we should” because this is a group’s desire that may or may not come to fruition in the near future. Academics have one extra sentence all their own: “We should run a conference.” It was just a few months ago, when a working lunch led to that very sentiment being echoed through the halls of the English Department at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. And in the blink of an eye the concept of “From Imagination to Creation: How Popular Culture Redefines and Restructures Our Reality” became a reality that took shape thanks to many hard working people. While it may be my name on many of the emails and documents surrounding the conference, there are many others whose tireless help has made this day possible. So let me take a moment to thank Rosita Rivera and Nancy Vicente, the interim director and interim associate director (respectively) of the English Department at UPRM for their continuous help and support throughout this endeavor. To the Popular Culture Student Association, whose members have taken on the conference as their opening act and magnum opus of fusing academia and popular culture. To all of our sponsors, whose contributions are greatly appreciated. To Bruno Irizarry, our keynote speaker, for graciously accepting our invitation. And lastly, to you the presenter, the guest, the student, the professor, who are here today to celebrate our geeky interests together.

We advertised this as “the first ever academic popular culture conference ever” because this is truly a one of a kind event on the island. Some have asked me if this will now be an annual event. While I don’t know what the future holds, if there is anything that pop culture has taught me it is that, if the people want a sequel, it will come soon enough. But for now, be sure to meet new people, attend some weird panels, ask questions, share ideas, and enjoy yourselves.

To infinity and beyond,

Gabriel E. Romaguera

Conference Chair

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