CFP Extended for All

The new year is pretty synonymous with second chances so why not give one to all my local friendly nerd academics? So with the powers invested in me as conference chair for the first ever academic conference on popular culture in Puerto Rico I hereby declare that the CFP has been extended for about two weeks. That’s right, you now have until January 16th to send an abstract our way. If you look at the CFP you will also notice that we amended a few parts to clarify some FAQs. First, you can submit a workshop proposal which are pretty cool and you should definitely consider something worthy of sharing to present. Second, both the abstracts and presentations can be done in English or Spanish. Hell, you can even do it weeaboo l337 if people understand you (please don’t though).

So if you have something awesome to present but finals and holidays had your mind in a fog then you have a chance to send an abstract and not hoard your nerdy knowledge to yourself. But don’t wait until the last minute again. Just go right now and type in to get a draft started and get the ball rolling. 200-250 words on something you already know and love, easy peasy.


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