Episode 136: Roy + Laurel = Arsanary

A recent Facebook conversation over what the future holds for the nontitular characters of Arrow led to some interesting speculation. If you haven’t seen the midseason finale there are a few spoilers ahead so beware. Basically, with our protagonist being (temporarily) lost then Roy Harper aka Red Arrow aka Arsenal is going to step up from his sidekick identity and try to become the hero. At the same time we have Laurel, who has been training almost nonstop to avenge her lost sister as she takes the guise of Black Canary in Sarah’s honor. With a direct mission from her mother upon learning the truth, “then you hurt them” this inexperienced vigilante is about to take the streets. With both characters taking the spotlight, the picture below made sense, which of course brought to light the possibility of a relationship. Notwithstanding the age difference, Arsanary was born and thus a cool possible story came to mind.

Arsenary in Action

It’s not so much age as how they compliment each other. I can imagine Roy stepping up during Ollie’s absence and trying to be the hero the city needs. Every so often he is about to get to a crime only to find that the perps are already beat up. A conversation with Diggle leads to them trying to find who this vigilante could be since they don’t want any loose cannons. Roy eventually finds Laurel as Black Canary and tries to stop her from taking things too far. Small fight ensues. Laurel is good but she is nowhere near Arsenal levels of awesomeness. so he subdues the rookie would be heroine. He reveals her name and mission. He says that they should be on the same team but Black Canary refuses. Cat and Mouse, or rather arrow and bird, chases ensue as Roy wants to protect her. She has that passion to do the right thing that he has never really shown, a drive that Oliver has tried to instill in him since day one. He knows the value of teamwork and planning, after a few scrapes where he saves her life.and vice versa, she decides that they should work together, but he refuses to be part of the Arrow team outright because of too many painful memories.

Roy may be younger but he has the skills and knowledge that she needs if she wants to be a hero and so they learn from each other. She wonders if this is what it would be like had the Arrow decided to train her from the beginning. With Ollie, there would always be these trust issues from past tragedies and betrayals that she doesn’t feel towards Roy. Little does she know, that Arsenal is helping her get closer to Merlyn but keeping the information about Thea a secret (the person who maybe under mind control killed Sarah). He still cares for the woman he once loved and wants to save her and the secret will drive a wedge between the Arsanary partnership. During a rainy night on a forgotten rooftop, Black Canary finds Merlyn and some hooded figure and she tells Roy before going in to take the chance before they both get away. Merlyn “suggests” to Thea that she fight this would be foe. During the battle, a flash of lightning reveals Thea’s identity and Laurel finally puts the pieces together and in a rage forgets her training and just goes straight at it. She almost wins until Merlyn intervenes. Roy comes at the last second to save Laurel. At a safe enough distance away. Laurel, takes his bow and aims straight at Thea only for another flash of lightning to reveal that Arsenal is standing in her way. Their targets escape safely as Thea yells at him and the normally calm Roy screams back and leaves her stunned in shock. For the first time, he opens up about the truth and reveals all of the emotions. During an epic stare down, they finally let their guard down in front of each other , remove their masks, and embrace into a passionate kiss.

Now this would be the big moment just before the final commercial break. If you thought your emotions could handle what happened, just wait. Once the show comes back we return to Roy and Laurel walking around the secret HQ. Roy finishes giving the impromptu tour as Laurel says something to the degree of “I can see why you guys always hang out here at the arrow cave.” Roy responds with something like: “You know, Oliver hates it when we call it that.” Then a figure emerges from the dark corner, saying “I don’t know, it has a nice ring to it.” The familiar voice is indeed Ollie as he limps into the light with a lot of bandages still on most of his torso but with his coy smile. This is the first time he has been seen since in the show since the duel so the feels are now up to 11. “You will not believe, what’ I’ve been through.” Cut to credits and next week’s promo full of flashback goodness.


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