From Imagination to Creation: How Popular Culture Redefines and Restructures Our Reality

Call for papers

From Imagination to Creation:

How Popular Culture Redefines and Restructures Our Reality

(Friday, March 13- Saturday, March 14, 2015)

The notion that art reflects life and vice versa is constantly reshaping how we see meaning. Does fiction react to real life events or does the fantastic acclimate people towards change? This recursive cycle of influence dates back to the dawn of literature and is seen today through the lens of popular culture. While the news informs what the world is; films, television, comics, and books show the world as it could be. Whether it be Star Trek showing a post-racial future or the new Captain America showcasing what happens when drones are taken to the their illogical extreme, popular cultures shifts perspectives in many ways. Conversations at the local, national, and global scale use examples of one to explain the other, and we want your voice to be included The English Department of the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus and the Popular Culture Student Association (PCSA) invite you to share your scholarly research and works at their first Popular Culture Conference in Puerto Rico. We invite students from all departments within the UPR system ranging from freshmen to graduate students, professors and independent researchers to submit proposals that address these issues. Possible areas include but are not limited to:

  • Language/Linguistics and Pop Culture
  • Literature
  • Film and Television
  • Comics and Manga
  • Video Games
  • Race, Gender, and Class
  • Science Fiction
  • Pedagogy and Pop Culture in the Classroom
  • Music

Submission Directions: We are accepting submissions for individual papers, panel proposals, round table discussions, workshops, and poster presentations. Please submit all abstracts and proposals of 200-250 words, as well as the required contact and biographical information to

Deadline for receipt of proposals is December 30th. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by January 31st.



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