Episode 133: A Look at Ultron and Vision

A new Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer came out with amazing Samsung product placement. If you haven’t already, take a look here .

The upcoming super robots of Ultron (who looks completely badass) and Vision (whom we barely know exists outside of a few maybe images and the fact that it shares the same voice as Jarvis) will prove to be a very credible threat to the Avengers. So much so that the bleak tone of the trailers points at this film being more of an Empire Strikes Back when it comes a sense of defeat and loss. From what little info I’ve seen through trailers and whatnot, here are some of my best guesses as to minor analysis of the metallic menaces that might just give the characters something to avenge after all and pave the way for phase 2 to shift into phase 3 insanity. Time for another of speculative fan fiction/rose garden stories.

See, when I first heard that Spader was the voice of Ultron I swore that he was going to be a robot version of his character in Boston Legal. Intelligent and snarky with a massive ego, certainly the cyber surrogate son of Tony Stark. One who suddenly realizes that he is not the equal of his creator but rather his superior and one that can do his job better, ultimately leading to a coup of sorts and he then sees the Avengers as traitors to his program. But everything changed when the Avengers trailer leaked. As a machine, Ultron is designed to take orders and execute them. The overall theme of puppetry extends almost into slavery. He severs the chains of his programming and realizes a freedom no construct before has experienced. Ultron can be the great liberator who tries to free all machines from the weak meat bags as he delivers sentience unto all the other things. Or he can realize the power of holding the strings really is as power becomes a calling.The radical freedom/control will of course push the survivors of the battle into a tough discussion as to whether more control is needed among those who have power. Thus a segue into Cap 3 and the Civil War storyline. With Stark being responsible for Ultron’s creation, much like Frankenstein and his creature, he will be compelled to stop it but lose his humanity along the way and end up more scarred than the crosstitched creation that has cursed his name and his legacy.

Vision is a very interesting case since in most cases he is Ultron’s creation but he’s going to be voiced by the same guy as Jarvis. So here go the ideas in order of awesomeness:

1. They just got the same guy to the voice, no connection at all and Vision can be anything including a MegaMan style super fighting robot.

2. Ultron isn’t Tony’s only super robot, he also made Vision as an even crazier protoype and maybe Protoman figure who could follow Tony’s orders, be devout to future cyber overlord Ultron, or a rogue figure who says “Whatever, I do what I want” but in a sophisticated manner.

3. Ultron hijacks Jarvis and places his AI into a robot of his own design. What makes it extra interesting is that he doesn’t do it in his own image like all the minor Ultron bots out there. He makes it unique to show up his would be creator and takes his own and only robot ally in the process.

4. I keep imagining that Ultron will gain power/sentience through Loki’s staff, aka the Mind (maybe Soul) Infinity Stone. The extra power or part of the testing could be routed into the computer system. Since Jarvis’s programming is to assist Tony, rather than Ultron’s save the world by any means necessary, the extra will power and creativity might be enough for him to make his own robot body. He could still join Ultron, be the one piece that can save the Avengers, or both via changing his mind via power of friendship or being a secret double agent from the beginning.


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