Episode 130: The Justice League Movie is Real

A couple of weeks ago DC was able to take the spotlight when it came to movies by releasing it’s film lineup until 2020. The boldest decision was a solo Wonder Woman movie which honestly should have been done long ago. Marvel took the spotlight back with its recent reveal of a schedule but I want to take a second to talk about DC and what they want to do with the Justice League. Long before Avengers took the screen and made everyone fangasm, Justice League as a film has been in scripts in one way or another but it never seemed feasible. The rest is history and comic book centered films are in center stage to the point that even if it can’t come close to the Avengers they still lose a lot by not even trying. With Batman V Superman shaping up to be a JL preview w are going o at least see each character if only briefly before they get their own stand alone film in a few years. As for what could happen in the two future movies, well it’s time for another speculation. With Brainiac (who might be voiced by Benedict Cumberpatch if you believe the rumor mill) and Darkseid being the potential villains for both parts respectively, here’s how I see it:

I’m tempted to go with the Justice League Unlimited plotline that Luther is being called out by a voice to build him after Lex investigates the Kryptonian crash. Consider him more of a ghost in the machine or an evil Jor El. Luthor thinks he is finding answers to al the last questions but the stress is haunting him, making him do crazy things, even makes him lose his hair. In the end, Brainiac takes shape and with that power he lets his puppeteer know that he was the one pulling the strings as he becomes a true techno terror. I’m assuming that Cyborg might be like Hawkeye from Avengers 1 and be controlled/hacked temporarily into fighting the heroes. Of course, the fight ends with the Justice League victorious but not before Brainiac sends an all points bulletin to the universe that he will rule because he has the most powerful thing in the universe:

The Anti-Life Equation

Darkseid considers this the final piece to obtain true power and control of the universe and punish the new gods that have kept him in check for so long. He will send the forces of Apokalips straight at Earth to find it by any means necessary. And the heroes who barely trusted each other to fight together last time must join forces one last time to not just save the planet but the universe. Green Lantern (probably Hal Jordan who then gets smashed to pieces and John Stewart can have his own movie in 2020) will be there to warn the team. He might even go with a feds taking jurisdiction over local cops theme. And to bring some more alien goodness to the mix, let’s say Darkseid hires a bounty hunter, the main man Lobo to help take out the famed kryptonian everyone keeps raving about.


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