Un Consejo

Buen poema de un buen amigo. Un consejo que en algun momento a todos nos ha tocado tomar en cuenta.



Esto va para mis poetas hermanos

que andan enamorados y frustrados.

Ustedes que por medio del verso se han declarado

pero han sido rechazados y se encuentran desamparados

 como si los hubiesen arrojado en un pozo deslumbrado…

poetas ahogados en miseria con cánticos despojados

 “por mi miserable existencia, en esta,

 mi vida desquiciada sin ella.”

Y si andan atados a un alma

cuyo amor nunca fue reflejado…

 Mándala pa’l Carajo.

Dejen de desear con todas sus fuerzas

que las cosas fuesen diferentes,

y hagan esfuerzos para poder seguir adelante

y no estancarse –como es tan común-

pensando en una persona que no vale la pena.

“Pero tu no entiendes…

Tu no sabes alumbra la oscuridad de mi alma con la luz de su amanecer.

 Mi estrella fugaz, preciosa,

como la belleza de DaVinci destilada.”

Yo me imagino que ella es única

como todas las demás

siempre lo han sido


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Epiosde 123: FAQ and Summer Plans

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what’s going on in my life. I don’t mind the curiosity or answering them but the repetition makes the enthusiasm of each response diminish. So rather than let it get to the point where I just subconsciously answer in a sour manner, I figure that a standard FAQ of some of the more common queries can save us all some trouble. If you have any other questions I’m assuming that you can contact me fairly easily and I will probably answer anything nonridiculous you want.

Where are you right now?

I’m back in my hometown of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The humidity is pretty tough to deal with but other than that it’s okay.

So are you there for the summer? When are you heading back to Rhode Island?

My return is a bit more permanent than that. For the foreseeable future I will be here in my tropical island.

Wait, does that mean that you graduated? Congratulations!

Ooooohhhhh this is awkward. Actually I haven’t finished just yet. I’ve already completed my coursework and passed my comprehensive exams so all I have left is to finish my dissertation. No need to be at Crayola Manor next to campus for this phase.

But if you can do it from Puerto Rico, why not just keep going finish in Rhode Island?

I thought about that for a while and it was a good plan. There are a lot of friends and people I care about still around URI and it hurts that I’m going off in my own tangent but hey, that’s life. Honestly, after four years I feel like the Rhode Island chapter of my life has been completed. Now it’s time to start another.

Will you ever go back to the tiny Ocean State?

Well I still have to defend my dissertation so I will make a brief comeback. It will probably for like a week so that proper celebrations and goodbyes can be done. Biddings for comfiest couch to host my week have already started?

So how much of your dissertation is already done?

That’s hard to properly say. It’s not as much as I would like to be but I’m working hard on making the reality catch up to the expectation. There’s a lot of writing, editing, and incorporating feedback from your committee that takes a long time.

Are we talking years before you finish the PhD then?

I HOPE NOT! The current plan is to work like crazy and be able to graduate by June 2015. Worst case scenario it might take me a few months longer than that. Either way I should be done before I’m 30, not that age of completion is any marker of success.

I always thought you were much older/younger. Just how old are you?

Yeah even now I’m one of the young ones in the English Lit PhD program. Then again according to my undergrad friends and people of the Gaming Club I’m still old man Gabe. Chronologically speaking, I turn 28 in less than two weeks. Other markers of age go all over the place so best not to get into those.

Do you have any teaching plans between now and eventual graduation?

I actually have an interesting job prospect lined up. No official word on anything and I’m not at liberty to talk about details, most of which I don’t actually know. Last thing I want is for my pedagogical skills to get rusty between now and then.

Besides writing, what else have you been up to?

Not much. Cutting down on video games, trying to exercise a bit more but for things that involve leaving the house it’s mostly the occasional trip to the movies with my family.

You know, some friends and me were thinking about doing some kind of activity. Care to join us?

Sweet merciful heavens yes! I’m at this weird place where I’m kind of in between social groups. I’m normally too shy and such to initiate any kind of social interaction but if you ask I’m pretty much up for whatever as long as it doesn’t interfere with my lawful good alignment. There’s a small chance that I might be in a writing groove and can’t make it and will more often than not need a ride but please help get me out of my dissertating nook every so often.

Sounds cool. Hey wait a second, didn’t you have a special lady friend?

Ahhh, that well… Just look at my current relationship status. That should clarify it. Any other questions about that I’m going to have to answer with “No comment.”

Ouch sore spot. Sorry.

It’s okay, Anything else?

Well, I was wondering what your plans were for the summer. You know, overall?

Thanks for asking I actually have this list of stuff I want to do. I only have about two months since classes start in August here but I think I have enough time.

Academically: I want to write to write two more dissertation chapters. I hope to turn the info there into a lot of blog posts and some of the more polished stuff I want to turn transform into a journal article or two. Also, I signed up for a few online classes a while back that I’d like to take a crack at. Getting certified in stuff is always good for CV padding plus it’s a cool skill to have.

My nerd requirements involve watching Dr. Who. Maybe not marathoning through every episode ever but certainly getting up until Ten’s run. A lot of friends have been recommending the show for a while now and apparently I’m “Doctorish” in a few ways so let’s see if I do the legendary character any justice. I was thinking of playing D&D again but can’t really dedicate enough time for a full campaign and online games aren’t really my thing. Might even DM the premade pirate game once again for the right local group of people.

In the bro department, I want to try and start running again and just in better shape in general. Current plan is to be able to run a 10 minute mile again without collapsing and not breaking something. Plus, I want to gain about 10lbs of muscle or however much is necessary to be able to do a handstand pushup. That or like 20 pull-ups no problem. I can do around 10 now if I do a minor Kaoi-ken attack beforehand but that’s not really enough to be able to pull myself and someone else from a cliffside. Batman levels of preparation must be enforced as much as possible.

Time for a productive summer for all,