Episode 121: The Final Finale and the Scrubs Ending

As I sit here waiting for my flight back to my homeland, I reminisce about the good times and not so good that I had back in Rhode Island. The focus then shifts unto Puerto Rico as past and future seem to merge. In this transition, I remember an online conversation with a pretty cool lady from my old “Mangle Mamposteado” days during undergrad that spurred some of the posts for finale week. And so I end finale week with what may potentially be the greatest ending in tv history according to both of us Scrubs.

Fair warning, I am completely and purposefully ignoring the spinoffish extra season that came post finale with Dr. Cox working with med students. That has been retconned out of existence by the general collective mindset of the fandom. For years we saw JD bumble through the ins and outs of being a medical doctor and advancing through the ranks of the hospital. Alongside him was “chocolate bear” Turk, a best friend who has made every bromance in the history of the world pale in comparison. His on again off again love interest of Elliot, the maternal care that Carla had for him, a reluctant mentor in Dr. Cox, and a crazy rivalry with a man only known as The Janitor. For eight seasons (again the ninth doesn’t exist), these relationships flourished and while each person retained their original flair and essence, they grew and mature in their own way. It all came to its conclusion in the final double episode, titled “My Finale.”

There are too many feels that go throughout the episode as JD the character says goodbye to his friends and surrogate home of the hospital. His farewell reflects that of the fans towards not just the rest of the characters but to the actors as well. Luckily, the full episode is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzpOj0KVnD8

The first scene is a flashback to the first episode, a must have for all finales so that you can properly show just how much growth has taken place between then and now. Each interaction throughout the rest of the episode provides a conclusion towards the fans expectations. Perhaps the coolest moment for me is the finale part itself. It’s a shame that I can’t find the original comment thread where I wrote some pretty cool stuff so time to mentally reconstruct the analysis of said sequence. First the hallway/monologue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLsyUZ2nGbo

Walking through an all familiar series of hallways within the hospital, JD reflects on his life and what has transpired in his time as a doctor and how he has affected people over the years. The empty halls come to life with characters from the past as a cavalcade of guest stars come by for one line or two from their most memorable moments on the show. Even characters who had died appear once again to provide a kind of blessing to validate JD’s work and give him another boost on his way out. I’m kind of glad they decided to not include JD’s dad in the scene via animatronic Tupac hologram or shot entirely from the back, since John Ritter (the actor who played him) had died and Dr. Cox was his true father figure for this moment in life. Those who had come and gone show up in what is perhaps JD’s most coherent fantastic train of thought depiction. As he comes to the end of that hallway he looks back and it is again empty. JD is not living the past anymore and he is ready to move on. Now comes the trippy montage part.


As the doors open, JD now has glimpses of the future that expects him outside the story that has taken place so far. He finally marries Elliot, has a child with her, continues to share his life with those closest to him, and even squees out with Turk as they see that their respective children are going to get married. The montage signifies beyond anything else love and its growth as life goes on. More importantly, that love is something to be shared forever. And as the life that could/should be is projected unto him, the screen which is actually the back of the giant goodbye poster for JD is torn down. Once the farewells are over, the only thing left to do is leave. He takes one last look back as the familiar theme of “I’m No Superman” plays in the background. And that is how you end a show and as such, how you end finale week.




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