Episode 114: Marvel One Shot Tie Ins

I was recently introduced to the Marvel One Shots via Facebook comment threads with friends as we discussed the newest Captain America (which is super special awesome and I recommend to everyone). The above video, if you haven’t seen it or already, serves as a bridge between the two Captain America films as Peggy Carter continues to fight the good fight once the war is over. It has all the action and humor that you’d expect from a Marvel feature, if only much shorter. This and the other short vignettes that have shown up as bonus content on the various DVDs but have found their way online so if you do a little bit of digging I’m sure you’ll find them and revel in their amazingness. They serve as a transmedia extension of the narrative that has been brought up in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, much in the same way that Agent’s of Shield does as a tie in to the overall story but without parallel ongoing serialized plotline. The One Shots provide official extras to the story and can be seen on their own, though they generally follow a specific film. My personal favorite is “Article 47” which is around 12 minutes long and is a cool narrative bridge between Avengers and Agents of Shield and even gives some extended screen time to a familiar face or two.

Until the next beginning,


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