Episode 111: On the Perils of Live Tweeting

The Perils of Live Tweeting

and probably not be live tweeting anything soon, follow me at https://twitter.com/Ranzunar A week or so ago I did my yearly academic duty of assisting with the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate Conference. However, the amount of help I provided was a fraction of my previous attempts at assisting. Even at year one of URI for me I did a lot more. The easiest way to measure my work output is via quantities of cheesecakes baked for committee people from planning all the way until the day of the conference. The fact that this year that number of dessert confection was one goes to show just how divided my attention and energies are these days. Still, from an outsider’s perspective I saw that a lot of people worked like crazy to make URI Grad Con a success so I tip my metaphorical hat off to them. However, one thing did occur that garnered some angry digital looks my way.

Academia tries to jump on bandwagons once they see that they are not nearly as threatening as once imagined. Some scholars are a bit more avant-garde while others are very much staunched in their ways but most practices take some time before they are considered common place. Technology has a very special as a particular flavor of the week and live tweeting conference presentations is the new trend. I tried out this form of digital brief archiving with the hashtag for the event. I focused on the keynote speaker and the faculty panel, each a little over an hour apart. As is proper etiquette, you tell your followers that a live tweet is about to occur but unfortunately my five minute warning time wasn’t enough for the people whose feeds were about to be engorged with my constant sound bites.


In the end, I was the only that tweeted like at all for the conference and came close to 100 tweets. Roommates and friends that had nothing to do with the conference and weren’t fans of academic conversations on interdisciplinarity. However, somebody actually complied all tweets with that hashtag so if you want a reverse chronological order of bite sized bits of information go here. https://storify.com/AlyciaPhD/uri-gradcon-2014-opening-spaces-enabling-engagemen?utm_source=direct-sfy.co&awesm=sfy.co_ifO0&utm_content=storify-pingback&utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&utm_campaign=

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Hope your serials don’t get soggy.




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