Episode 102: Let’s Start This One More Time

It seems that every time I say that I am going to buckle down and write for the blog at regular serialization levels I unintentionally start a hiatus of sorts. For lack of a better term, it sucks big time. It’s not that I’m not writing or trying to figure things out for the dissertation, it’s just that blogging even the things I’ve already written falls down the priority line. I need to be better at a lot of things in life, such is the process of growth, of life, and potentially of serial fiction as the author hones his/her craft with each passing moment. So here’s my plan from now until further notice: Every week day I will post a subsection of dissertation chapters. I might put a lead up as to how I may be having trouble with this part or wording of a particular passage. In addition, I’m going to post a small story every day here of something interesting that is going on in my life outside of dissertation. Might be an observation on life or something cool I saw online that I want to share or maybe a stalker friendly post or two. I can’t let my entire mindset be solely dedicated to this academic endeavor or I fear that I will lose myself in the process of writing. I never really told anyone (though I’m certain a lot of people figured it out along the way) just how much writing my MA thesis pretty much emotionally crippled me. The back of my mind is constantly running some sort of idea of just how bad I can get should I succumb to that kind of darkness. Awareness and admittance of the problem is a big step towards it having less of an effect on you. And so I will write, to you my intended reader of friends and family who may see a post about this and even to the people who randomly find a post here through the magic and algorithms of Internet searches, with the hopes that you can learn something about serialization, about life, and about me.

I honestly don’t know what the future of this or of anything is. The one thing I do know is that fear will control me if I let it. So instead I should treat this endeavor in the same way that I should see life. Not as events occurring at my general direction but rather as a challenge that when encountered will help you grow. A wise old friend taught me that, I just hope that this time the lesson won’t be forgotten when faced with adversity. Maybe I get defeated, maybe I win, maybe it ends up being a stalemate, but along the line I still get experience. And once I get enough of those I’ll presumably level up (Bard 1, Paladin 3, that’s the dream).

So I will write and show my process, my failures and victories of the day. I have to. Or else. Well I don’t know what the “or else” will be but I don’t want to find out.


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