Episode 87: Doctor Who Speculation from a non-Whovian

I have not seen more than two episodes of anything related to Doctor Who (I know, I’m losing a lot of nerd cred). Still, I have a vague enough understanding of the show through many friends and things the Internet keeps telling me mostly that David Tennant’s hair is to be envied by all). As a serial, it has achieved legendary status which will be cemented with the 50th anniversary special coming out in a few months, which I have no knowledge of how the plot will work for that. Besides dreaming of unruly marsupials, the idea came to me last night as to how to justify having all the different Doctors come together in a way doesn’t involve a chronological Rashomon and a billion flashbacks. While I’m not sure how the time space continuum works in the Whoverse, I’m pretty sure that having the same entity interact with himself is not recommended, so no we all came together to stop the most destructive force in the universe plot. It would be interesting in they came together in a nexus point outside of space-time, much in the same way that Atomic Robo did in Volume 3 The Shadow from Beyond Time. Still, that’s not the plot that came to me in a dream. This will probably sound horrible and make you facepalm repeatedly but give it a chance.

First off, I’m 90% sure the Tardis doesn’t have a voice over feature but a Mr. Feeny presence would provide something a little extra (he was the voice of KITT in the original Knight Rider, the fact that few people know this makes me feel old). Anyway, the Tardis picks up a weird reading that should not exist but has appeared once before. The Doctor should remember this specific moment but explains that it is all a blur, which is even stranger once he states that it is a specific blur that he can make out from different vantage points. Tardis goes on to explain using extreme technobabble (here is my version of it) that a disturbance created from a failed experiment by some ancient time-lord created a roving wave of anti-chronotope particles that create a disintegrating cascading resonance. Across the emptiness of space, this “wave of undoing” does very little but once it comes into matter it shreds it to the atomic level. Because it anti-chronotope particles, it disrupts a time-lord’s ability to regenerate, thus destroying one entirely. One of the older versions of the Doctor had tried to analyze it earlier on and was luckily only grazed by the effect. Not only was the Tardis heavily damaged, his molecules were in a state of dissonating frequency. It was enough to tear him apart but his regenerating abilities were not harmed. The unstable energies left a temporary moment were previous incarnations of the Doctor were present together, though not in pristine shape (which explains why they are older).

The Tardis pulls up videos of the previous team up, mostly done through reenactments by current actors and CGI. With the wave of undoing on track to hit Earth, the current Doctor flies out with instruction on how to divert it from his predecessors. As you can imagine, the plan fails but the Doctor is now a bunch of people. This now allows for all the previous actors to come together, bring some of the companions along for one last adventure and even team up with previous antagonists to stop this common threat. After this point my dream kind of degenerated into the New Doctor being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson throwing Daleks at whatever was in his way, which is cool but kind of out of character and not a direction that the BBC would probably take.


One thought on “Episode 87: Doctor Who Speculation from a non-Whovian

  1. Friend of mine asked for some clarification, figured I should post them here as well. The way I dreamt it up and have pieced together is as follows. The wave is kind of like a burst from a supernova, traveling across space, though not expanding and losing power in the process. Imagine it like a comet, zipping through the vacuum of space super fast, threatening to maybe crash and blow up anything in its trajectory that comes in contact with it. However, this is concentrated energy and anything that comes in contact with it is basically like throwing something through a cheese grater at mach 3, tiny stuff comes out of the holes. As for its size, I’m thinking something the size of Pluto, smaller than Earth’s moon but big enough to have people worried (though something that potent even the size of grape can deal massive damage even to a planet. The anti-chronotope radiation, even far beyond the actual deadly part, would be enough destabilize previous forms of time-lord style regeneration, thus making the current body unstable. The effect would be strong enough to separate the current Doctor into maybe 4 or 5 versions (basically until 9). The early Doctor(s) that first faced the wave were able to redirect it unto a mostly empty part of space that would avoid most planets and stars. First contact would be enough to make the separation, actually coming close to stop it and using some crazy contraption/pseudoscience made them come back together but did a big number on their memories. Current version of wave returns on a more fixed route, thus leading to the initial failure even though he followed previous plan perfectly. It now takes the combined efforts of a bunch of Doctors, several friends, and even some flimsy truce binding enemies to stop the wave once for all. Each individual Doctor cannot regenerate and they are pretty fragile at this point, which makes it very tempting for previous antagonists to get some revenge even if it is not against the most recent Doctor, because if he dies there will be no “next” Doctor. Since he would be in his “prime” state it is believed that he can recover to full power soon, maybe even without being re-fused with the other versions. If I was writing it, I would make it so that there is a big damn heroes moment where sacrifice would be the only way to save everyone “greater good and whatnot”. They would figure out that in the instant when the wave hits a time-lord it would create a momentary destabilizing effect, but if you make that effect at certain points at the same time, it would be vulnerable to a big enough explosion. Basically, I would make it so that all the Doctors would got out in a blaze of glory saving the world with the last one ramming the Tardis straight into the heart of the wave. The twist would be that someone knocked out Doctor Prime and took his place at the last minute, probably this evil time-lord that you mentioned, who isn’t going to let everyone else take the honor and being left without a worthy adversary. In my mind plays out a lot like this scene from Justice League. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaJ47V2pnUw

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