Episode 59: New Year, Recap of the Old One

It’s been a while since I have done any type of blogging so in the spirit of new year’s resolutions I figure I should start typing up a storm on a semi consistent basis. Hopefully, I will keep this up longer than the few weeks people go to the gym on that new year burst of motivvation. Just need to write something just about every other day so that I won’t end up with any unnecessary burn out when it comes to writing my dissertation down the line. This whole A.B.D. thing is new and strange to me but it needs to get done and I want to finish it soon. Target end time is currently place before the Summer of 2014. ANother crazy goal I’ll be striving to achieve is running the Boston marathon by around the same time. Running it is easy, continuously running from beginning to end will be the real challenge. At least the audio books I got will keep brain working as legs, heart, and lungs suffer horribly.

As many of you already know, I am a diehard lover of Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick webcomic and consider myself to be the world’s foremost academic authority on it (probably wrong on this but I got decent evidence to back me up on this claim). So you can imagine how borderline distraught I became when I heard that Mr. Burlew aka The Giant, was in an accident that busted up his hand a few months ago. Honestly, me and a lot of the readership feel a kindred closeness to Rich, something that goes beyond the traditional sense of authorship that I will study way too much in the coming years, and really just want him to recuperate well and that he focus on himself and his family. Still, that also meant that there would be no new comic for the foreseeable future. With that knowledge I still checked the website almost everyday in the hopes of getting some new update as to Rich’s regeneration rate and maybe a comic. I almost jumped with glee when I went to the site on New Year’s Eve and saw that a new comic and update were ready for my narrative consumption and as always, the Giant did not disappoint. Check it out here, preferably before you keep reading the rest of this blog post. http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0864.html

As cool as it was the recap only works if you were actively present between installments. Someone on the forums was already quick to point out that the recap loses it’s value and even relevance to future readers during an archive exploration. I already spoke about this in a previous post about clip shows but i think the recap deserves some extra attention. As Roy pointed out, it does not advance the story and take away time and energy from telling the main story. Framing a recap is weird as well, since you can’t just have the characters sit back and give vague segues between flashbacks but then again that’s usually exactly what happens. In all honesty, an installment is lost by providing info all over again. I can understand a heftier than usual “previously on…” intro but reminding people of the major plot points in a story arc is just throwing forgetful/non religiously following readers a bone so that they won’t feel lost. With mainstream programs, these are almost a necessity and are insisted upon with the creative powers that be to help out with future ratings, even if one episode needs to be a sacrificial lamb for the narrative development.

The one thing that I do enjoy about the recap is that it really makes a point as to how far the story and the characters have come in a relatively short amount of time. That’s why they become an integral part of a proper finale. Something that I need to flesh out for a future blog post and an upcoming conference paper down the line. Happy New Year space cowboys.


One thought on “Episode 59: New Year, Recap of the Old One

  1. I think we always feel a strange connection with the authors what we read, enjoy, and write about. I remember that about two years ago, the author of a YA book that I enjoyed immensely died, and I felt beyond sad. I guess that’s the power of creative works and how they speak to us.

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