Episode 41: Avengers Assemble and a Character’s New Orientation

After a long and adventorous, but pretty draining day, I’d figure I should write a few things I’ve been to provide my two cents about. The first is of course the awesome Avengers movie that is breaking records all over the place. The second is the speculation over which character from the DC Universe. Let’s get right into it.

I’m pretty sure you would be asking, wait that movie came out weeks ago and everyone important has already written about it, not to mention I’ve already seen it. To which I respond, hey that stings. I waited this long because I didn’t want to ruin all the spoilers. That and I’m lazy but let’s focus on the important things. First off, let’s not consider Avengers as simply a congregation of Marvel heroes for an epic movie. Consider it a sequel of converging narratives within the interconnecting storylines of many characters. Each of the previous movies serves as an introduction to each of the characters and various plot points to their own complications but also of bigger problems that will require the help of all these things. Many are quick to say that Black Widow didn’t have her own movie, but I remind people that her role in Iron Man 2 did pretty much work as her intro to the stage. Haweye had all of two minutes in the Thor movie, in which he aimed an arrow for a while, menacingly!,  and that’s it. By making him a brainwashed vilain for the first half of the movie you got the whole mysterious crazy dude that is deadly well trained. Also, he was a loner from the start, there isn’t that much of an emotional connection to the character. We got all of his backstory via Black Widow and she is the only person to at least have a something of a budding romance in the film. As an aside, it was certainly refreshing to not see a romantci subplot throughout the movie.

Another character that got some interesting development was The Hulk. And by that I mean that they didn’t give him a huge emotional back story and made Bruce Banner all mopey and emo about how no one understands his pain. They wanted to distance this version from the one done by Edward Norton, good but not great, and the one from a little before that that many fans pretend doesn’t exist. You didn’t see a Banner that was completely in conflict with himself, you just had a scientist that could turn into a raging mass of muscle, sure you had to be afraid of the transformation but Bruce was pretty cool about the whole thing. That and having Hulk smash everything was just awesome. “Puny god”! may be my new favorite line after curbstomping people with delusions of grandeur.

The movie itself is pretty awesome but only when you don’t think about it too much. As a conversation with a friend of mine today revealed, if you know Joss Whedon’s style, it quickly turns into a game of Trope Bingo, and you won’t enjoy the movie. I’m just glad he didn’t kill off Agent Hill,Robin, Colbie Smulders or Black Widow. Also, if you are a big fan of the comics and know decades worth of material and an intricate knowledge of Norse mythology then you will have some problems with the whole evil plan thing. This blog makes a really awesome analysis of the whole thing and is definitely worth the read. http://exurbe.com/?p=1368 

In short, awesome movie no way they could make it had they not had the intro films for the main characters beforehand to develop their characters beforehand. It stays pretty faithful to the source material but true comic book geeks will have some issues with the film, and honestly I’d be scared if they didn’t. Let’s see if the next round of sequels for the indiviual heroes and a probable Avengers 2 movie against Thanos and with more schwarma.

Here’s something I’ve been getting asked about because I have some knowledge of comics. DC has recently revealed that they are about to reveal that one of their iconic characters would now be a homosexual. Speculation about who would it be has gotten a lot of people wondering and conservative political pundits into a stupor. A lot of experts have weighed in on which character it would be so this part is going to be a quick summary plus my own thoughts and bets on the subject. First off it won’t be any of the big heores like Superman or Batman. Some of you may remember that George Clooney did an interview when he played Batman that he acted the role out as if he was gay. In the immortal words of Seinfeld, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Any popular enough character that goes through a change of any kind that completely alters the character will make readers go nuts and the comics industry has alienated it’s core base way too many times before. Not to mention the fact that if you make Batman gay then Frederic Wertham was right and that would just be bad for comics from now until forever. Just because DC said it was iconic doesn’t mean that it has to be a staple character, it means anyone that has ever been a part of the Justice League.

The most obvious choice is a weird character called Jive, from the 80s when the Justice League was in Detroit for a few years. I think his powers were basically super breakdancing abilities and maybe something with urban slang linguistic manipulation but that one doesn’t come up as often. Look at his costume and you would also go for that one. But by making him too obvious you make it so that it won’t be him to have some sort of shock value. I personally believe that it’s going to be a second version of a well established character. So yeah, the second Green Lantern Guy Gardner or the second Robin Jason Todd are on the top of my list. As my dark horse pick I have to go with Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen because I think that his hero worship of Superman is more of a mancrush, which is actually a crush. Now let me write that in a way that can get me some hits via random Google searches:

Jimmy Olsen is the new gay character in DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by no one)

FYI DC already has a pretty cool character who is homosexual. Renee Montoya, Hispanic female was a cop in Gotham City for a while, I think she showed up a few times in the 90s cartoon but might be wrong, was outed as a lesbian and fired. Last I checked she became the newest version of The Question, who is like Rorschach only that he/she doesn’t actually have a face. I wonder if she’s the one that’s going to be doing the outing this time. Also, no matter who they reveal, a lot of geeks will be mad and a lot of people are going to say, who the hell is that person and why is this news?


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