Episode 32: This Week Was Way Too Long

Time for another bio post of the days that have made this week intense. On Tuesday I had a meeting with 2/3 professors so of course that meant that there was something of an all nighter to get my paperwork ready and such. Anybody that knows my family dynamics has seen that when you have one thing on the schedule then you might as well do incredibly exhausting things in the one mile radius around your main activity. After little sleep, I decided to go out and work out before lunch. I went to the indoor pool on campus and did five laps, followed by five laps of jogging around the track to super work on cardio, also to make sure my trunks are dried out. Then I go and give blood, because my blood gives people super powers for like a minute (accelerated regenaration being the most useful). That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The free pizza after donating is only like 50% motivation for doing this. Once there, the lady nurse notices my super veiny arms and pushes for me to donate red blood cells via a special chair. The process involves taking blood out, putting it in a centerfuge, getting red blood cells out (you know the thing that makes blood, well blood), and putting that liquid with saline back into you. So with less blood and a stomach full of pizza, I go over to my professors and meet with them (one of which may actually be reading this blog so I’m trying to be more professional than usual). Meetings went well enough but the semi constant vertigo I usually get (which I’m kind of going through right now) was way worse and I just sat down at the gaming club on campus until things got better. Also, playing Tetris Attack under these circumstances is only a good idea if you are ridiculously good at it.

So that was Tuesday. Wednesday consisted of trying to write the actual Mega Man paper I would be presentingThe blood loss was apparently a larger hindrance than I anticipated since it took me forever to get it done and it was more mostly done than anything else at 1:30am before I called it quits. To make it more interesting, at this time I noticed that my hotel plans had gone down the tubes. Several frantic emails later, I went to sleep for what would definitely be an intense day.

Thursday started at the ungodly hour of 5am. I’m normally not a morning person but the sleep was good enough. A quick shower, suit up, and sandwich left me ready for the 6am bus on campus that would take me close enough to nother train station so I can take cheap commuter rail into Boston. By the way, here is my recipe for win on any situation: wake up before dawn, listen to “The Protomen’s Light Up the Night”, walk outside and witness how the darkness makes way for a hopeful dwan and the beginning to an awesome day. Upon arriving to Boston I asked what was the last possible train available back into my town, even if it was on expensive Amtrak. They told me 9:35pm, my presentation was at 8:15pm and it was just me and someone else. I could pull it off, run from Q&A at end of panel to train station a block or two away from conference hotel. Buddy of mine could pick me up from train station and hotel weirdness could be avoided entirely. The conference itself was pretty good. I saw some old friend from my MA studies and we were able to see each other once again after we all went to our respective PhD programs across the states. Only went to a few panels but all seemed interesting. George Takei was the keynote and his talk was ore an interview/biography that was really touching. At the line to get Takei’s signature in my Master’s thesis (I have officially dubbed it my book of academic autographs) I met this cute girl who is actually doing her MA in something like performing arts. It was pretty confusing (I blame the blood loss and lack of sleep) but apparently she instead of a thesis she is writing a play involving steampunk, which is her area of expertise. When we got to Takei, she got a hug and he said that (and I quote) “was certainly looking good”. Look, I rarely if ever get any compliments on my looks that aren’t condescending, based on pity, or whatever, so I’ll take it and smile (insert George Takei’s trademark “oh my” to indicate potential double entendre).

My own presentation went ok enough and I made it to the train. High school girls next to me ended up asking me basic English stuff, like what was a hyperbole and other poetic licenses. I think we spent like five minutes trying to remember a relatively difficult word her teacher always used but she didn’t really understand. The mystery word was “unattainable”. I got back well and slept 12 hours. Friday was mostly for recuperating. Will try and get back to semi daily posts about serials again soon. Let’s see people.

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