Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

Nothing makes readers and fans be both full of disdain and hope as to when they hear that a sequel is being made to one’s favorite movie/franchise/story or whatever. The average story always has something that can be expanded upon: some plot string left unfinished, something that was never explained, or just doing exactly the same thing with minor variants (I’m looking at you Die Hard, and Die Harder). Then again there are the stories where the author never even thought about making a sequel and provided 100% closure to everything. But then meddling executives and passionate fans come out and beg for more. The question then becomes, what’s worth talking about after the happily ever after moment?

Many options arise of varying levels of quality become available. Much like how there is always a bigger fish in the sea there is always a bigger monster worth defeating or else destruction of grand scale can occur. Saved the princess, you can bet that she’ll be kidnapped soon enough. Protagonists solve all their problems, their kids/descendants will one day follow in famous footsteps. Have completely different characters follow a similar plot to the original or have the same characters be in a completely different situation. That or you can just keep the title but have little to no connection to the original. Final Fantasy and Zelda are famous for sequels that exist in different continuities where there’s the same people but not really doing kind of the same things.

It’s because of these things that sequels often make fans cringe. And yet, there’s that one moment when you hear that a new installment will soon be available. Maybe we’re all stupid fans that will eat up anything that is delivered to us under the guise of our favorite series. I’m pretty sure that JK Rowling can take finger paintings put them together in a book, say it’s what different characters drew in pre school and a lot of people will preorder it within seconds of its announcement. You may think you are above that, that you are an adult and do not fall prey to people pulling on your heartstrings. I’d agree with you but I recently saw a potential sequel that made everybody ecstatic and hopeful only to be horribly disappointed. I am speaking of course of the teaser trailer for the new Ferris Bueller movie. It got millions of views within days of showing up and everyone felt hope and just general awesomeness all around. And then people found out it was a commercial that would show up on the Superbowl. Disappointment and calls of treason were heard across the Internet. Then the commercial came out and it was ok but a lot of people thought that an sequel might be cool. Here’s the commercial in it’s extended authoritative version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhkDdayA4iA

Cool as it may have been the commercial just restructures a compendium of the best scenes of the original movie and not much else. Original, not very. Entertaining, no denying that to casual and hardcore fans alike. Still, I wonder where Cameron was in all of this.


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